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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Is Diplomacy Necessary In Your Work Place?

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji had a surprise visit to Pakistan and this gesture has received mixed reactions from various groups, though most of them are with positive tone. Though NSA level talks failed miserably, this surprise visit has a lot to influence the ties with Pakistan. I think this is a game changer. At least, this gesture is going to change the perception that the international community has on us, and also Pakistan. One way or other, the talks between India and Pakistan didn't resume and there may be several reasons for it. To put a curtain to all those complex differences and start over afresh, PM has taken the right step in the right direction, by meeting the Pakistan Prime Minister and by offering his personal wishes for his grand daughter.


Diplomacy is not reserved only for politics or international relations. It is necessary for all of our personal and professional lives. It is always better to win the opponent rather than fight with her. Winning a battle does not mean causing damages to an opponent, but it is more about keeping yourself completely safe from the horrible impacts. In his famous book, "Art Of War", Sun Tzu points out that, a real winner is the one who wins the battle before even starting it. I think it is an important lesson for all of us to sustain and win over whoever we confront in our personal and professional lives, not by war, but by diplomacy and winning gestures.


Whomever it may be, your customer, co-worker, family, friend, just put their shoes, understand the problem from their stand point, find out a mid way for you both to reach to a win-win deal. There is a very common situation everyone of us would have faced. Bargaining with the auto rickshaw driver. If he asks for Rs. 100 and we bargain for Rs. 70 and finally we close for Rs. 85 and there is a sense of satisfaction for both!

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